The Galician Strategy to Promote Biotechnology

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The Galician Strategy to Promote Biotechnology

This strategy plans to invest 200 millions euros


The Galician Strategy to Promote Biotechnology plans to invest 200 million euros in Galicia to create a highly competitive Biopole that is configured as a reference for the sector.

The strategy aims to create 30 new biotechnology companies to achieve a turnover of 300 million euros and 300 new qualified jobs.

The strategy prioritizes three areas: the use of resources that are a power to obtain anti-aging foods or sustainable management of marine resources; make traditional industry more competitive through innovation, applying the dairy sector or to animal health management industry; and enhance knowledge in areas of competitive strength, using new technologies for personalized medicine, open innovation in drug discovery and enabling technologies.

The goal is to make Galicia one Biopole to grow in four ways: with more companies and more powerful, with more business opportunities and more qualified employment.

Galicia is already one of the most powerful communities of Spain in the sector. 2.11% of the new companies are born in Galicia biotechnology , twice the Spanish average.

In conclusion, with the completion of a joint effort between companies, universities , foundations and research centers , it is expected to Galicia is a world leader in biotechnology.


You can download the Galician Strategy to Promote Biotechnology here.

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