Galicia, a place to invest

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Galicia, a place to invest

Galicia is located in a strategic geographical position in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula.


Since Galicia is a key point in the Atlantic Seaboard, it will also constitute the Logistic Platform of the South of Europe both for its strategic location and capacity to receive maritime traffic. Besides, it has excellent infraestructures, which are constantly being renewed.


Galicia is one of the driving forces of the Spanish biotech industry, both for the quality of its research and business.


The importance of life science in the region and the wealth in terms of natural resources have forested the high growth of biotechnology during the last years.


The Galician Government, together with the Bioga Cluster and the Galician Innovation Agency, initiates several programmes in order to foster internationalization and attraction of national and foreign investment in the sector. Among these activities that reinforce the networking and opportunities in the sector, the following relevant events for the biotech industry take place in Galicia: the BioSpain (2014) fair, the Agrobiotech Innovation Meeting (2015), and the Fifth edition of the Bio Investor Day prepared by Bioga.


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