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Qubiotech Health Intelligence

Today, we are introducing one of our biotech companies, Qubiotech. For this, we had a talk with its general manager, Daniel Fernández, and here is what he told us.


  • Explain us about Qubiotech Health Intelligence.


QuBiotech is a biotechnology start-up dedicated to the development and commercialization of computer technology tools for medical imaging processing and analysis.


  • Why do you think your company offer something different?

We market a cloud based software that can be used immediately by the physicians without learning curve. Image quantification is available within minutes, a time slot compatible with daily clinical routine, with no need to set up any software parameter. A proprietary database of clinically validated healthy individuals allows safe comparison and clinical validation of the product.


  • How can you contribute to the future of Galicia?

Our technology has been developed at the Galician public Health System. Technology transfer to a start up helps make profitable the investment in basic science besides making it availbale to general interest purposes.


  • Main achievements of Qubiotech.

So far we have received some awards and distinctions we are very proud of, but we think that the main achievement is to make an attractive product, competitive and useful for our customers.


  • The most interesting countries for your company.

European Community in general, USA, Japan, and South Korea.


  • The profile of foreign partners that are interesting for you.

Partners which complementary technology and knowledge of the medical imaging sector, as OEMs or medical software distributors.


  • Do you have any experience in other countries?

Not yet


  • Are you interested on doing any actions abroad? (Like trade missions or something like that)

Of course. Our products are highly scalable as our solution satisfies the universal need of improving the diagnostic of neurological diseases


If you are more interested in this company, visit them in their website:





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