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Oportunius Programme

Oportunius is an especific program to generate, recruit, retrieve and attract scientific, innovative and excellent talent in Galicia. It addresses the priorities defined in Galicia RIS3 and complement Horizon 2020.


Oportunius Programme Aimed at excellent researchers wishing to develop their activity in Galicia, with the main objective to generate an excellent scientific and research fabric.


There is an itinerary for each type of researcher with the same objective: Excellence science in Galicia.


  • Itinerary 1: Attraction of excellence for ERC grantees.
  • Itinerary 2: Support of excellence for the finalist of ERC calls.


Now, there are a total of 8 researchers with 10 ERC grants in Galicia (USC: 6 ERC grants, UVigo: 3 ERC grants, UDC: 1 ERC grant).


Objetives 2014-2020


Galicia intends to achieve an increase of 24 new ERC researchers and a better positioning in Spain and Europe, becoming a more attractive destination for ERC researchers to offer differentiated advantages over other regions.


We can estimate a budget of about 8M€ provided by the Xunta de Galicia for Oportunius programme.




  • The program offers excellent researchers a stable working framework, through agreements with the most representative research institutions of Galicia.
  • Feedback program through the advice of the 8 ERC researchers contributing to boost the program and disseminate their succesful experience.


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