Mico-Onco Care, a different product of a Galician enterprise, Hifas da Terra

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Mico-Onco Care, a different product of a Galician enterprise, Hifas da Terra

Hifas da Terra and integrative medicine


For over 15 years Hifas da Terra has been committed to a model of integrative health, which combines the benefits of conventional medicine with the extraordinary power of natural medicine, focusing specifically on mushrooms and mushroom extracts.




Mycotherapy is a term used to refer to the therapeutic use of mushrooms and their extracts. This term was coined by our scientific team in 2006, and is now used the world over to refer to treatments and therapies based on medicinal mushrooms.


Medicinal mushrooms and their benefits in integrative oncology


Mushrooms and their extracts have been found to:


  • Modulate the immune system
  • Induce apoptosis, inhibit abnormal cell growth and angiogenesis
  • Have direct cytotoxic activity on tumour cells
  • Mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Increase the likelihood of response to chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Have positive effects on emotional state, improving quality of sleep and reducing stress


The Mico-Onco Care Range


Mico-Onco Care is the result of many years of scientific research carried out in collaboration with nationally and internationally recognised institutions and organisations.

Mico-Onco, Mico-Pneumo, Mico-Mama, Mico-Prostat and Mico-Digest contain the highest levels of active ingredients of any mushroom-based product ever produced.

Each formulation combines different species of mushrooms that have complementary and synergistic effects, in order to bring about the greatest health benefits.


Your momentum


Your momentum is a new concept developed by Hifas da Terra. It is self-help guide that comes with each product. It contains which advice and insights from our founder (Catalina Fernández de Ana Portela) to help patients on a physical and emotional level during their journey of change and reflection.


Vanity bag


The vanity bag will gifted as part of the first orders of Mico-Onco Care range. The best present to look after this Mycotherapy treatment.



You can discover all the products of Hifas da Terra in their website:









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