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Tittan-Interreg Europe

Name:  Tittan

Full name: Network for Technology, Innovation and Translation in Ageing

Call for tender for proyect: Interreg Europe Programme

Duration of the project: 54 months

Coordination of the project:  Galician Agency for Health Knowledge Management (ACIS, Galicia)




Exchange of knowledge and good practices in relation to the development of policies that can promote the design and use of innovative technological solutions for active ageing. This project has two phases:


Phase 1 (30 months): interregional learning with the purpose of facilitating the exchange of experiences and good practices among 7 European regions that participate in the project.

Phase 2 (24 months): implementation of the action plans.


Project aim


Establish a network for knowledge exchange with 7 European regions in order to improve the quality and development of healthcare systems in relation to active and healthy ageing. There are three subject areas in the project:


  • Subject Area 1 – Technological Innovation (“Outside-In”): promote the acquisition of innovative products and solutions by public healthcare systems through new procedures (innovative public procurement, co-creation of programmes between public agents and private companies, among others, public-private partnership, etc.).
  • Subject Area 2 – Technological Innovation (“Inside-Out”): reduce the gap between research and the market, improving the transfer of research results to the market.
  • Subject Area 3 – Activate citizens for healthy ageing: improve knowledge and educate citizens on the importance of the use of new technologies to improve their quality of life and involve citizens in the co-design of experiences with healthcare professionals and caregivers.


Targeted outcomes


  • Learning among regions in relation to the three subject areas
  • Definition of action plans in each region to improve policies in relation to the three subject areas
  • Implementation and follow-up of the action plans


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