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In Talent UDC-Inditex

In Talent is a specific collaborative program between the University of A Coruña and Inditex for the recruitment of postdoctoral researchers with projection and extensive international experience under the sole criterion of excellence.


Excellent Science

UDC demonstrates it support of Excellent science through a series of concrete actions included in the Berce Program, aimed at both researchers at UDC and scientists from all over the world who choose to develop their research project in this University.


Leading scientific areas

  • ICT
  • Industrial
  • Experimental sciences
  • Social innovation
  • Engineering
  • Civil Construction
  • Health
  • Humanities



  • Center for technological Innovation in Building and Civil Engineering (CITEEC)
  • Research Center for Information and Communication Technologies (CITIC)
  • Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (CICA)
  • Center for technological Research (CIT)
  • Industrial Campus
  • Research Institutes


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