Life Sciences Trade Mission to Denmark

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Life Sciences Trade Mission to Denmark

Today, we speak about the business interests in the trade mission to Denmark.


Hifas da Terra ( This Company’s objetives for the misión are looking for partners to market their products.


Lentimed Medical Devices (  This Company is interested in partners in the ophthalmology sector.


Galchimia (  This Company, in the one hand, aims to meet with the outsorcing, chemistry or R&D managers of Leo Pharma or Lundbeck. In the other hand, they are interested in identifying pharma of biotech companies working in drug Discovery using chemical molecules (not anti-bodies or biological molecules).


Md Use! ( This Company are interested in pharma companies working in early-stage drug development. They are also interested in food, cosmetics, agriculture…. working in molecular R&D.


Oncostellae (  This Company are aimed at finding partners to develop oncology drugs.

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