Born Neogalfarm platform for finding new cancer drugs

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Born Neogalfarm platform for finding new cancer drugs

GalChimia, AMSLab, Oncostellae and Nanogap, four Galician biotech companies and integrated into the Life Sciences Technological and Business Cluster (Bioga) Neogalfarm create a platform for the search for new drugs to treat various types of cancer diseases.


The project Neogalfarm , which was presented today officially in the center of Research CIMUS Campus Life USC in Santiago de Compostela, is funded by the Connect-Peme Program 2016/2017 of the Galician Axencia Innovation (GAIN), funded by European funds for Regional Development (ERDF) and supported from the Galician Government, by the Ministry of Economy and Industry Emprego. Carme Pampín , CEO of GalChimia, moderated the presentation of NEOGALFARM in CIMUS. Also they are participating Manuel Lolo Aira , CEO of AMSLab; Tatiana López del Rio , CEO of Nanogap; Jacobo Cruces Colado , CSO of GalChimia.


Integrated by the four Galician biotech firms consortium continues a previous collaboration between AMSLab, GalChimia and Oncostellae through the project called Oncogalfarma. These three companies now joins Nanogap , a Galician biotech company specializing in nanomaterials with potential anti – tumor effects. Oncostellae GalChimia and collaborate with their current research programs in prostate and breast cancers, while AMSLab, as technology platform, provides its analytical capabilities. Neogalfarm it develops five preclinical projects . In the first year of the project the four partners already advanced in its various objectives, refining previous results and obtaining accurate information to reach the pre – clinical phase.







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