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Discover, Connect, Succeed: Bio Taiwan



Now is its 16th year, BioTaiwan 2017 is 5 events in 1, including the BioBusiness Asia Conferences, Greater China Opportunities Conference, BioTaiwan Exhibition, Company Presentation, One-on-one Patnering and a full Seminar and Wrokshop program. It’s only a click away to discover the opportunities that await in biotech investment, collaboration, innovation and services.


Taiwan is undergoing a boom in biotechnology, rewarding years of dedicated effort from its stakeholders. More and more locally-developed drugs are entering late-stage clinical trials, and new companies, service providers and manufacturing facilities are emerging to fill rapidly growing industry needs. Overseas interest is picking up as well, with licensing, partnering and investment agreements at an all-time high. The total market capitalization of local publicly-listed biotech companies has soared, increasing 700 percent since 2008’s capital market crash, rewarding stakeholders for their patience and support.


The biotech industry in Taiwan has a set of unique characteristics and strengths that make it an appealing prospect to the global life science community looking for partnership, investment or licensing opportunities. These include:


  1. Vibrant VC industry and capital markets
  2. Strong business and cultural ties to greater China market
  3. World-class clinical trial capability
  4. Transparent legal and business environment, with strong IP protection
  5. Well established private-public partnerships with deep innovation pipeline
  6. Highly-educated, motivated and cost-effective workforce
  7. Executives with overseas training, global view and Big Pharma experience
  8. Strong government support, subsidies and tax breaks


As healthcare is moving from a “one size fits all” model towards a more personalized approach, bringing together Taiwan’s newest diagnostic tools with precision therapeutics, existing strengths in ICT and device industries means that Taiwan is well placed to excel in this evolving healthcare ecosystem.


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