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The World Biotech Tour (WBT) is a multi-year initiative that brings biotechnology to life at select science centers and museums worldwide.


The program, supported by the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) and Biogen Foundation, is scheduled to run from 2015-2017. The WBT will increase the impact and visibility of biotechnology among youth and the general public through hands-on and discussion-led learning opportunities.
La Domus participates in the World Biotech Tour initiative, an international project promoted by the Biogen Foundation with the aim of disseminating issues related to biotechnology in museums and science centers, due to the importance of this branch of science to solve problems in areas such as health, medicines, agriculture or energy.
In addition to La Domus in La Coruña, the Copernicus Museum in Warsaw, the Heureka Museum in Finland, the Museu dá Vida in Río de Janeiro and the Sci-Bono Discovery Center in Johannesburg are participating this year.
Each of these centers selects a group of students between the ages of 14 and 18 to develop a biotechnology project. During their work, they are being advised by scientific mentors related to the sector. The appointment of La Domus, named Biotechnology Festival, will be on 29 and 30 September. There, the 13 young men and women, called ambassadors, will present their work. One of them will be selected to attend the World Summit of Science Centers, to be held in Japan in November.
In order to advance in their projects, they rely on the expertise of professionals such as Javier Amestoy (Instituto Médico Arriaza y Asociados), Daniel Fernández (Qubiotech), David Freire Moar (HM Modelo), Alexandre de la Fuente González (Nasasbiotech-IDIS), Luis Mariñas Pardo (Centauri Biotech), Esther Rodríguez Belmonte and Jaime Rodríguez González (CICA), members of Nanogap, Aqualgae and the Group of Genomic Medicine USC.
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