Launch of AlmirallShare, Almirall’s Open Innovation platform

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Launch of AlmirallShare, Almirall’s Open Innovation platform

We are happy to announce the launch of AlmirallShare, a new proprietary open innovation initiative aimed at boosting collaborative research in the field of Dermatology.

Almirall is a global science partner that leads the fight against skin problems and diseases – skin prevention, skin care and skin improvement – , through medical solutions that provide health professionals and their patients a healthy future. Since 1943, they are supporting their partners and patients in the continuous health improvement, bringing their innovative solutions where they are needed. Almirall is committed to support those who need them, understanding their challenges and applying science to solve them.
AlmirallShare is the willingness to share efforts of those who struggle with passion to solve skin problems. An initiative where talent, wherever it is, works together to treat skin diseases.
AlmirallShare’s team want to team up with you to find innovative solutions for skin diseases, together.
They are looking forward to sharing with you your passion for collaborative Science and your commitment to skin heath.
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