Hifas da Terra: Best organic Production in Spain

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Hifas da Terra: Best organic Production in Spain

Hifas da Terra received the 2016 Spanish Food Award #Alimentosdespaña from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and the Environment which recognized the excellence of its products and the incredible work behind the label Hifas da Terra.
In the eight sections awarded at the XIX edition of the award – Food Industry, Restoration, Organic Production, Communication, Food Internationalization, Fisheries and Maritime Production, Entrepreneurship Initiative and Extraordinary Food Prize of Spain – Hifas da Terra received the prize for the best Organic Production, standing out for being an “original company in all of its aspects” that differentiates for its “research and rural development”, as well as for the “innovation” with its gourmet products and nutritional supplements, syrups and cosmetics which main ingredients are mushrooms and their bioactive compounds.

Environmental Protection

As highlighted in the official communication of the Ministry, Hifas da Terra is committed to the “conservation and protection of the native Galician forest”; a commitment that extends to its scientific activity with the implementation of eight research projects related to the environment. They can highlight the  projects Micotecnosoles and Micotecnosoles II in which, in addition to protecting the Galician ecosystem, Hifas proposes the bioremediation of soils contaminated by various substances through technological soils with fungi.

International presence

The presence in the international markets is another of the outstanding qualities of Hifas da Terra. Currently, the Galician biotechnology company is already consolidated in the markets of Italy, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom. More recently, countries such as Croatia, Peru or China started importing Hifas da Terra products: our Gourmet line, Micosalud (food supplements) or Micogarden(mycorrhized trees).

Ecological Production Award

The commitment to the sustainable development of Hifas da Terra goes beyond the certification of its products. Located in the countryside, its activity involves the reuse of waste materials for the development of new substrates for the cultivation of mushrooms; the use of biomass as a source of heat; the choice of recyclable packaging for its products.
This award is an addition to Hifas da Terra’s great list of recognitions, which also include the recognition of the originality of its projects, its business plan, innovative market solutions and commitment to the rural lifestyle.
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