Supporting European projects against cancer & heritage pathologies

Supporting European projects against cancer & heritage pathologies

Nanoimmunotech working for the therapeutic knockdown of oncogenes that lead to cancer development. The European project studies useful technology against hereditary pathologies.

The technique would allow introducing genes into cells more efficiently and could deactivate the oncogenes that induce the development of cancer.
In the study named Gene Therapy Based on Magnetic Hyperthermia Localized for Immunomodulation, collaborate professionals from the Higher Center for Scientific Research of Aragón, the University of Zaragoza and the University of Lisbon.
The researchers try to generate heat from magnetic nanoparticles with the objective that this temperature opens small pores in the membranes of the cells, through which they could introduce the genetic material.
Nanoimmunotech will be part of the industrial advisory committee along other biotech company to evaluate the real perspectives of transfer to the industry. The industry advisory committee and the Medical Oncology group will participate actively during the project as advisors, both for the potential of industrial transfer and for its possible clinical application.
The study began last September, will last until 2020 and is part of the Research and Innovation program of the European Commission Horizon H2020.

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