Partnert Opportunity Alert

Partnert Opportunity Alert

A French biotechnology SME is offering an easy and rapid test for evaluation of biocharge level and cleaning efficiency. The test is based on a colorimetric reaction which change the color of the test in presence of viable microorganisms within a few hours. This diagnostic test is used for assessing cleaning efficiency for surfaces (and can be used for liquids). The company is interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance or license agreement.

The company is looking for other companies of all sizes across Europe and abroad, manufacturers of equipment addressing various industries such as hospitals, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutics.

The role of the partner sought for a commercial agreement with technical assistance is to integrate the test into their solutions. In this case the company will provide the tests to be integrated by the partner. This partner will generally be a player in hygiene and cleanliness control service. 

The role of the partner sought for a license agreement will be to take in charge the industrial production of the tests. The partner must already be involved in the manufacture of devices and in particular microbiological diagnostics.

The company will also be able to sell the technology if this option proves to be important for the partner. In this case, all business features can be considered provided this technology integration is part of their strategy.

A contract set up between the candidates and the French company would specify all the conditions and more particularly the territory, the targeted market, the pricing and the exclusivity/non exclusivity.

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