Partner Opportunity Alert

Partner Opportunity Alert

A Spanish technological center offers a methodology to monitor the microorganism Brettanomyces and the phenolic compounds produced. It allows the control of the wine during the winemaking process at real time from the first phases to bottling, improving the decision-making processes during production. The partnership sought is a commercial agreement with technical assistance on the agro-food sector, and research cooperation agreement to revalorisation of by-products in EU funding program.

Parter sought: Commercial agreement with technical assistance: the centre is seeking SMEs, mainly on the agro-food sector (wineries), interested in improving the traceability and management of their pdroduntion processes through implementation of the methodology in their protocols.
Research cooperation agreement: the centre seeks SMEs, R&D institutions and/or universities interested in developing an international research and development project related with the implementation of new products and revalorisation of by-products, under international cooperation projects. 

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