Partner Opportunity Alert

Partner Opportunity Alert

Greek AgroTech & CleanTech company offers an algal photobioreactor synthesis system which captures and utilizes CO2 from industries to produce cheaper, carbon-neutral, bioingredient-based products/ proteins (solutions). The system enables food, feed and pharma industries to manufacture algal-based premium-end products.
Technical cooperation agreement and/ or research cooperation agreement are sought. Specifically, the Greek start up looks for:

-	Technical cooperation agreement with strategic partners (e.g. energy companies) emitting more than 10 tons of CO2 per day (around 3.500 tons/year). The system will capture and utilize emissions returning to the partner high-value algal products for commercial use, so that they have a measurable, beneficial social and environmental impact with a financial return. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries are also sought. 

-	Research cooperation with academic and research institutions in order to explore optimal uses of algal strains, e.g. in the animal feed additives sector, or investigating the use capacity of yet unexplored alga components.

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