Twins´ International Multihelix

Twins’ International Multihelix

Twins´ International Multihelix

The signing of a partnership agreement between five international clusters and MultiHelix AB in June 2016 was the start of Twins’ International MultiHelix, or in short TIM. TIM will facilitate investments and partnering, and represents collaboration in the life sciences and technologies between science parks and clusters in North America, Asia and Europe.


These clusters, science and technology parks have a joint vision to create an international Life Science “supercluster”, addressing and solving societal challenges to improve  health and wellbeing. Partners’ joint mission is to collaborate internationally to prosper regionally.


Rational for collaboration between the members of TIM in Life science was thus identified as creating a support system for the members in order to:


  1. Get easier access to new markets & opportunities
  2. Ease growth of business and practices
  3. Gain access to local expertise/ knowledge of Life Science markets
  4. Initiate new collaboration projects for bigger impacts, addressing global issues
  5. Strengthen necessary capacities such as skills, funding, use of research infrastructure etc.
  6. Share expertise and knowledge


At present TIM consist of:



Currently the entity is made up of a total of 10 entities from 9 different countries and thus covering 3 continents. This union has a scope of more than 1,430 entities belonging to the sectors of life sciences, ICT, cleantech, agri-food and others.



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