Partner Opportunity Alert

Partner Opportunity Alert

A team of a Greek and a Cypriot companies, experts in consultancy and business development aims to submit a proposal under the SC1-BHC-06-2020 topic. The team aims to propose a dispersed health structure proposal aiming the indigenous population and refugees/immigrants

Various partners are sought for research collaboration under the topic: SC1-BHC-06-2020. The partners sought are:

1. Project Coordinator: Expert in health diagnosis and capable to coordinate the project and help the consortium to exploit the results. The partner should be able to deal with the assessment and controlling all the work tasks of each partner.  

2. IT Expert with knowledge in AI, Big Data development, Data Base & Cloud Multi-Platform developer, IoT digital transformation ICT for medical applications. This partner will create a web multi-platform structure, an interoperability digital tool supporting the dispersed health structures. The platform will focus on preventive and diagnostic tests (mainly on foundation one – ngs platforms, to get more than 300 genes at the same time) with a repository of data of particular areas of epidemics, viruses and cancers. New raw data will address namely North African, Sub-Sahara African and Asian immigrants that arrive in European borders.

3. Governmental Agency / Health Public Authority / NGO / Practitioner of National Health Care System for issuing of certifications and governmental permissions. This partner should be able to deal with the different epidemics and health-care system requirements. 

4. Pathology or anatomy laboratory of reference for using on board the findings of the data (AI, Big Data, Atlas data and Cloud technologies) collected.

5. Transport company or truck manufacturer to provide one or more trucks to be converted into mobile health units. The partner will follow the instructions of the health experts to modify a commercial truck into a mobile health care unit. 

6. Pharmaceutical company or medical instrument company for sponsorship. 

7. A medical clinics management and logistics expert company from the prime medical care field to draft the set-up of the medical units on board and oversee implementation. This partner will take care of the needs and managing them through the project to meet effectively the scope of the project.


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