COVID-19: UK-based research institute specialising in infectious disease offers support to partners for coronavirus research


A UK-based research institute with world recognised expertise in the area of infectious disease research is offering its capabilities to industrial partners as well as universities and research organisations in developing innovations in the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19. It is envisaged that the partnerships will take the form of research cooperation agreements, technical cooperation agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance.


The UK-based research organisation has the following advantages:


  • It is internationally recognised for its infectious diseases research with over 500 researchers working directly in this field.
  • A proven track record working with industry and academia on clinical trials contributing to products currently in clinical development or on the market.
  • It is curating the UK’s biobank of samples from patients with COVID-19.
  • Has COVID-19 genome sequencing capacity, diagnostics development capacity and is also researching potential small molecule biomarkers and prognostic biomarkers.
  • They have experience in therapeutics development and expertise in pre-clinical screening.
  • Their clinical research facility is the first National Health Service (NHS)-led unit in England and Wales to achieve the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Phase I  accreditation.
  • They have experienced teams in the areas of virology, pathogen biology, drug discovery and vaccines development.
  • Expertise in epidemiology and public health informatics.
  • This wide ranging experience brings together the different aspects of research and innovation required for addressing the coronavirus pandemic.



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