Spanish biotech company is looking for partners to apply for a fast track to innovation H2020 call with the aim to develop and manufacture a molecular in vitro diagnostics (IVD) kit.


The Spanish biotech is expert in the development of tools for the early diagnosis of colon cancer based on minimally invasive approaches. They have a molecular signature based on some protein and micro RNA (miRNA) biomarkers and look for partners for a consortium to generate antibodies, to develop assays for miRNAs and to manufacture the kit. The project will be submitted to fast track to innovation H2020 programme.


The company with wide expertise in the diagnosis of cancer is currently developing different in vitro diagnosis test. The most advanced product in its pipeline is being validated in a large prospective clinical study. Next step is the commercialization of the diagnosis test.


The test is based on the determination of molecular biomarkers (combination of miRNAs and proteins in a predictive algorithm) which have been already validated by conventional ELISA/CLIA (enzyme-linked immune sorbent assay / chemi-luminescent immuno assay) and qPCR (quantitative polymerase chain reaction)  in clinical trials.


We are looking for partners to prepare a project proposal to submit to fast track to innovation (FTI) call under Horizon 2020 programme.


Partners sought shall have experience in one of the following tasks:

-Generation of antibodies for protein biomarkers,

-Development of assays to detect miRNAs,

-Manufacturing of raw reagents necessary to analysis miRNAs and proteins.


The deadline of the call is 9th of June 2020. The project will last 30-36 months.



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