A French SME is looking for organic acids from bioprocess

A French SME is looking for organic acids from bioprocess

An innovative French SME is developing and producing environmental friendly products like de-icing salts, weed-killers or active substances for gardens and agriculture.The production of these compositions uses organic acids now produced in the chemical industry from non-renewable sources. The SME is looking for organic acids produced from renewable sources like straw, wood,… through a biomass process. Partnership can be considered via manufacturing, technical, R&D agreement.


An innovative French SME is producing de-icing salts, weed-killers and active substances for gardens and agriculture, all based on organic acids (formic, acetic, gluconic, …) and calcium or magnesium salts.


This SME aims at sourcing these chemicals from renewable resources, biomass like wood, straw, nutshell, etc …Per example, whey is a major waste from the cheese industry. Whey contains mainly lactose, and some lactic acid. Bio-treatment would increase the lactic acid content and makes its extraction economically viable while reducing the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) of the remaining liquid part. Another potential bio-source is nutshell.


The company has access to large quantities of nutshells and its transformation by torrefaction or fermentation could produce a mixture of organic acids, mainly acetic acid. The organic acid mix will be free of dangerous molecules like aldehydes (formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, …) and heavy metals. Expected quantities are few 1 000 tons of acids per year.  The products (organic acids) will be registered under REACH regulation.


The SME will be the end-user but can participate to the synthesis process if no producer can be found.


The company is looking for a supplier of raw acids or a technological agreement to integrate the technology to its solution or process, or a Research cooperation agreement with a partner having strong know-how in organic acids production to work together on the development of the new solution or process.Partnership can also be considered via a manufacturing agreement with an industrial company having the ability to produce such compounds.


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