Partner Opportunity Alert

Partner Opportunity Alert

COVID-19: Looking for healthcare providers and clinical experts interested in testing and validating innovative remote monitoring and telerehabilitation systems


An Italian SME focusing on the research and development of solutions in the field of digital biomarkers, telerehabilitation and home care monitoring, is looking for healthcare providers or research institutes interested in testing and validating innovative health solutions useful to face the management needs of the conditions imposed by the COVID-19. With the aim to co-design improved solutions and new platform features, research or technical cooperation agreement is proposed.




An Italian high-tech company translates digital innovation into tools running on mainstream technologies to improve the quality of healthcare while reducing the costs. Its portfolio comprises different solutions in the field of digital biomarkers, telerehabilitation, data analysis, home care monitoring, and digital therapeutics.


The innovation strategy is rooted in the wide spreading of powerful and always connected devices in the everyday life of people. The vision of the company is focused on shaping the future of digital services providing reliable and robust tools that can innovate the patient journey through reliable eHealth platform.


The Italian company has developed a telehealth platform for the large scale monitoring of well-being of patients during preventive isolation and subsequent controlled free-living phases. The solution provides a disruptive approach to patient monitoring based on:


• The collection of data through fully digitalized questionnaires about well-being and symptoms

• The use of sensors embedded into the patient’s smartphone to collect data about their daily habits and physical status

• The transparent and fully privacy compliant monitoring of social interaction of patients

• A data fusion approach that provides indexes about longitudinal trends of patient health status able to early catch worsening and generate tailored alerts

• A multi-domain approach that takes into account both the physical and psychological spheres providing an all-around picture of patient wellbeing.


The backbone of the system consists of a web-based application equipped with an AI-based engine aimed at collecting and analyzing data about psychophysical status of citizens. The platform provides clinicians with a dashboard that allows them to view and interact with collected data through graphs about patient well-being trend and specific alerts about changes in patient psychophysical conditions. This information can be used to trigger specific actions or otherwise continuously monitor the patient database reducing the number of direct access to outpatient clinics. On the other hand, patients can easily report their well-being status through a dedicated web-application. The data collection is made through a three steps wizard based on the COVID-19 related risk assessment sheet adopted by the Italian Association of General Practice and the World Health Organisation Five Well-Being Index. Furthermore, the platform adds a specific stress test that can be made at home and helps general practitioners to better catch the physical status of patient and early detect the first symptoms of worsening. The platform also integrates a mobile app that exploits wearable and smartphone embedded sensors to assess the well-being of patient and thus pursue monitoring even in free-living conditions.


With the aim to support the remote management of the rehabilitation path and ensure continuity of care even during COVID emergency, the company has developed a patented wearable system that supports the functional rehabilitation delivering intelligence to real-life objects within the home-context. It brings a disruptive approach to physical therapy through:


• usage of real objects (glasses, cutlery, etc.) as tracked objects to guide and assess the exercises

• making daily actions effective exercises

• empowering patient engagement through challenging tasks

• reducing costs while improving the therapy outcomes.


The Italian company is seeking new opportunities to collaborate with healthcare providers interested in using  and validating these solutions in a clinical context.


The company is particularly interested in testing and co-designing its platform within the processes implemented to manage the COVID-19 and related patient management procedures.


Research or technical cooperation agreement is proposed to hospitals or clinics interested in the new platform test and validation.


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