A Swedish biotech startup with sustainable approach to eradicate vector-carried diseases seeks commercial partners for scalable production and distribution

A Swedish biotech startup with sustainable approach to eradicate vector-carried diseases seeks commercial partners for scalable production and distribution

Title A Swedish biotech startup with sustainable approach to eradicate vector-carried diseases seeks commercial partners for scalable production and distribution

A Swedish SME in biotechnology develops sustainable solutions to control and modify insect’s behavior and offers a novel sustainable method for mosquito control that can eliminate mosquito-borne diseases. The company has developed the world’s first mosquito-only attractant and phagostimulant – HMBPP that forces mosquitoes to feed on any liquid they want without affecting any other insect species. The company seeks partners for licencing and manufacturing agreements and research collaborations.

The company develops novel sustainable solutions for modifying and controlling insect and pest behavior, with the goal of becoming leaders in the development of sustainable bio-attractants and bio-stimulants for pest control.

The first method targets only mosquito which are the deadliest creature on the planet, infecting and killing over a 1 million people every year. Mosquito-borne illnesses account for the highest number of reported cases and mortalities than any other known infectious disease. However, with climate change rapidly accelerating, the ecological ranges of many mosquitoes will not only expand, but also inevitably introduce novel mosquito-borne diseases into the U.S. and Europe, which is why an alternative is undeniably necessary.

The method is proven in early pilots and the company seeks commercial partners to package pest and vector control solutions under licencing aggreement as well as to collaborate on pilots and R&D related to new pest/vector segments or new application areas related to agriculture.

Advantages and Innovations

Traditional insecticides for pest control are harmful, as they not only destroy biodiversity in delicate and vulnerable ecological niches, but also negatively impact human health, which has recently prompted the E.U. to ban all pesticides on the market.

To solve this huge global issue, the SME has identified and isolated natural compounds that target mosquitoes and modify their behavior, and has discovered the world’s first ultra-effective parasite-derived phagostimulant called HMBPP, which can eliminate ALL kinds of mosquitoes ALL over the world. The SME has determined that malarial parasites manipulate a human host to produce HMBPP, which strongly attracts female mosquitoes and stimulates feeding behavior, consequentially perpetuating parasite reproduction. Since only mosquitoes can detect HMBPP, combining HMBPP with natural mosquito toxins such as beetroot juice in a water-based spray, allows them to effectively target and eliminate mosquitoes any place, any time.

Female mosquitoes transmit diseases while undergoing a blood meal, their methods involve harnessing this natural blood-seeking behavior to our advantage. The novel product, HMBPP, is
unique, there is no other solution currently on the market that solely targets mosquitoes to feed on a toxin. Whereas insecticides and larvicides are released into the surrounding Environment and negatively impact other organisms, HMBPP can be used in combination with a mosquito-only toxin whose effective dosage can be reduced 100X, making it non-contact and therefore inert to all other organisms. Incorporating their product in vector control and agriculture would require minimal toxin quantities to achieve a desired effect, as they are activated only upon ingestion by a mosquito, helping to diminish human poisonings from pesticide overuse as well. The technology is novel, sustainable, and cost-effective, and supported by extensive scientific publications and patents pending in EU, US and India.

Comments Regarding Stage of Development
A. Feedant – molecule that force-feeds mosquitoes – to drink any water-based solution. No sugar, no heating, no animal products added.
The technology – HMBPP is the first and only solution of this type discovered to date which means that there is no similar product available on the market.
It is the first ever non-contact solution available on the market targeting only mosquitoes.
B. Mix of smells that attract only a female mosquito – The SMe has isolated a mix of chemical compounds produced by malaria parasites which attract mosquitoes.
C. Sex pheromone for female and male mosquitoes.

1. A water-based spray containing feedant (A) + attractant (B) + natural toxin e.g. beetroot juice.
• Natural toxin which harms only mosquitoes and is safe to any other organism.
• Sprayed on foliage. Female mosquitoes feed on the drops and ingest toxins.

2. Sex pheromone (C) being released together with sterile/GMO male mosquitoes. Significantly increase mating rate and create swarming locations (mosquitoes’ mate in swarms).

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Type and Role of Partner Sought
The SME is looking for a commercial partner to enter certain geographical markets (can be different partner for different locations) with a phagostimulant preferably as a substitute/replacement compound in a current product. Ex. a pesticide producer who is looking for an alternative product line where contact pesticides are replaced with a ingestible toxin instead.

For the Sex pheromone the company is interested to partner with sterile mosquito programs or GMO mosquito company to test the solution as a companion product during release of the sterile males.

Licence and Manufacturing agreements are of interests. Research cooperation is also of interest for example for the existing product targeting mosquitos or other vectors.

Persona de contacto: Jana Vavrinova
Número de teléfono +34981 337146
Correo electrónico público jana.vavrinova@xunta.es [/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

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