Author: galiciabiowp

Twins’ International Multihelix

The signing of a partnership agreement between five international clusters and MultiHelix AB in June 2016 was the start of Twins' International MultiHelix, or in short TIM. TIM will facilitate investments and partnering, and represents collaboration in the life sciences and technologies between science parks and clusters in North America, Asia and Europe.   These clusters, science and technology parks have a joint vision to create an international...

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The X-Europe Consortium brings together leading training, acceleration, events, and media companies from across Europe. Together we will link the developing regions of the Baltics and the Visegrad region to the wider European ecosystem, rebalancing the flow of socio-economic capital. Through the delivery of training, matchmaking & promotional services X-Europe will support 150 deeptech startups and help them to internationalise, grow across borders, and into...

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Scientists from a Polish university, who specialise in bio-immobilisation technologies and packaging materials, have developed the melamine-modified gelatine - a material for the production of films and coatings employed in food and pharmaceutical industries. The material is cheaper, more effective at preventing oxidation and photodegradation, and its production is safer for the environment than the other solutions.
A Spanish research group is looking for potential partners to apply for European projects focused in neuromuscular disorders, muscle regeneration/stem cells, age-related muscle-wasting disorders, fragility and exercise. The research group has over 20 years of experience in these research fields and in developing R&D funded projects.