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A Spanish clinic specialised in helping stroke patients to recover mobility and daily living abilities has developed an innovative gym where stroke patients can work to improve mobility. The company is seeking innovative technologies to help patients with neurological injuries to recover independence in two ways, whether improving mobility or cognitive abilities. They are looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreements.



The Health cluster Portugal (HCP) organizes the event "Meetings with Health Innovation | "From pipelines to market: accelerating innovation and creating value through public-private partnerships and procurement". The meeting will be held in the vicinity of the INL - Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (Braga) on April 4. In addition to the different presentations that will take place throughout the day, the IV edition of the "Market of...

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The conference, which takes place from 25 to 27 March in Vienna, aims to reinforce the position of Galician companies and products in Europe.

Bioga, chaired by Carme Pampín, will be present from the 25th to the 27th of March in Vienna at Bio Europe Spring 2019, the main biotechnology and pharmaceutical fair held in Europe. Two Galician companies associated to Bioga will attend the event: Oncostellae and Linknovate.

On the 8th of February at INL in Braga there will be a conference for students, entrepreneurs and researchers in life sciences who are using science and technology to improve our quality of life. The conference aims to bring together innovators and companies who are using science and technology to improve our quality of life. The programme has an amazing list of speakers and brings together experts from ventures that have been granted...

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Strong of its two platform technologies based on in silico drug screening technology for small molecules and a new modality for therapeutic peptide, the Japanese biotech company would like to enter into a collaborative research with EU pharmaceutical companies operating in drug research. The agreement could take the shape of a licensing one, financial one or research cooperation one.

A Hungarian research and technology organization (RTO) is looking for partners from pharma and biotechnological industry to join a H2020 MSCA-ITN-ETN European Training Networks proposal. The proposal will set out a training network including experts from both academic and private enterprises, addressing the various aspects of non-natural peptidic compounds. View partnering opportunity...

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AllGenetics' project specialist Rocío Esteban is attending the Programming for Evolutionary Biology(PEB) 2018, an annual event which is being organised this year by the University of Huddersfield. The PEB conference brings together scientists interested in applying bioinformatic tools to answer evolutionary and ecological questions. Rocío will be presenting some results on the application of the reduced-representation library (RRL) method MobiSeq to non-model organisms. MobiSeq has been developed by Dr. Anders...

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