Estrada Colexio Universitario, 16

36310 Pontevedra

(+34) 986 46 93 01

ANFACO-CECOPESCA: ANFACO-CECOPESCA is a national Technology Center for the marine and food sector. It has the purpose of promoting the quality, research and technological development in the industrial sector as well as the transference of the research results. ANFACO-CECOPESCA is at the same time a business association with more than a century of history that represents and defends the economic, social and professional interests of more than 240 companies from the marine and food industry network.

ANFACO-CECOPESCA has a surface of 11,000 m2 in which is located the Center for Advanced Research Technologies for the Marine and Food Industry (CYTMA), which has an area of over 6000 m2 of scientific facilities equipped with the most advanced equipment, as well as with an Experimental Pilot Plant for pre-industrial simulation activities.