Conexiona Telecom



Edificio Tecnopole I. Parque Tecnoloxico de

32911 San Cibrao das Viñas Ourense

(+34) 988 10 59 19

Conexiona Telecom: CONEXIONA is a SME company based in Ourense, Spain. CONEXIONA focus is to develop java based solutions for real time and intelligent systems. CONEXIONA manufactures customer-specifics software with advanced graphical user interfaces. We have extensive expertise on the integration of technologies from different systems into consumer-oriented applications. With over 50 industrial customers in portfolio and a turnover of EUR 1,1 M€ in 2015, CONEXIONA reinvest its revenues in R&D projects, currently runs 3 applied R&D projects.

CONEXIONA operates since 2006 and staffs 12 workers, 2 of them with Master´s degree, and the rest with a strong experience in ICT research and innovation activities. As sample of  Projects resulted from R&D activities CONEXIONA has actually eHeart project, with the objective of develop a system for the automatic detection of a certain type of arrhythmia in real time.