P.E. A Madanela, Parc. 44-48,

15800 Melide (A Coruña-Spain)


DAIRYLAC is a 100% Galician business project led by cooperatives with the aim of transforming and valuing the Galician dairy sector. DAIRYLAC is a dairy company established in 2016, whose activity is focused on the commercialization and industrialization of dairy products and derivatives. Among the activities it carries out are the design, development and implementation of new products and industrial processes, with the aim of valuing dairy products and integrating into the value chain of by-products resulting from the transformation process.

In its strategy, DAIRYLAC recognizes innovation as one of its key values, as the basis for the development of its own and differentiated product, to maintain and increase its position in the markets, as well as sustainability. The main activity sector is food, both B2B and B2C. Positioning focused on quality and sustainable products with a selection and modulation of raw materials in order to access value segments.