Nave F Polígono Industrial Bergondo

Calle P. Cortiñán, 6

15165 Bergondo (A Coruña)

(+34) 981 78 48 48

Ebiotec: Ebiotec is the EuroEspes Group’s Biotechnology Center, where basic research on Health Biotechnology is performed and where the exclusive nutraceutical bioproducts are manufactured, for their domestic and international distribution. The nutraceutical bioproducts developed at Ebiotec by the application of non-denaturing biotechnological processes preserve all the biological properties of their natural source (be it marine, vegetable or animal). All Ebiotec’s products are supported by preclinical and clinical scientific documentation, are prophylactically oriented and display high therapeutic value as adjunctive therapy in various health problems (disruption of lipid metabolism, arteriosclerosis, neurodegenerative problems, cardio- and cerebrovascular disorders, immune system dysfunction, neoplastic processes).