Galicia Marine Acuiculture (GMA)



Lugar de A Piela s/n
Tal de Abaixo
15289. Muros. A CORUÑA

(+34) 697 68 81 28

GMA: Galician Marine Aquaculture S.L. (GMA) is a Technology-Based company, belonging to the aquaculture sector, focused on the development and cultivation of new high-end marine species aimed at international markets. GMA aims to become the First European intensive culture producer of two marine Premium quality gastropod mollusks: European abalone (Haliotistuberculata) and Japanese abalone (Haliotis discus hannai). This process is currently being carried out at the company’s facilities (Land-base system) located on the Galician Atlantic coast (NWSPAIN). At present, all abalone culture phases are being carried out:hatchery, weaning and ongrowing.

GMA is a company created with the commitment to satisfy world consumers who value up-market sea products by developing its own and sustainable innovations in order to grow and market abalone.

GMA has become a leading company in the field of sustainable development and growth of new up-market marine species with value added presentations.