Campus As Lagoas-Marcosende,

University of Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain

(+34) 886 689 750

Mycogalicia: MycoGalicia Plantae S.L. is a technology-based company created in the Mycology Laboratory of the University of Vigo, within the Environmental Biology research group. it has the collaboration of highly trained profiles in the research environment.Taking into account the unique characteristics of fungi, MycoGalicia Plantae focuses on offering applications arising from the research of these organisms. The aim of this applications is to create new materials and products, which can benefit different areas of society, such as forestry, agricultural or the industrial sector.

In order to accomplish this, the company’s current activity is focalized on mycological-forestal consultancy. Managing the sustainable exploitation of mushrooms in the forestry and industrial sector. Also, it tries to upgrade alternative or complementary uses to wood in the forest, with the goal of stimulating rural revitalization and a new vision of Galician forest.