Nippon Gases:

NIPPON GASES (TAIYO NIPPON SANSO Group) produces and supplies high purity gases, medical and industrial gases and provides technological solutions to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological and Cosmetic Industries, in accordance with the demanding quality requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia and the Bio-Pharma sector.

From research and development in the laboratory to the final production of drugs and biotechnological products, NIPPON GASES actively participates in the different key stages of the Bio-Pharma Industry: gases for analytical equipment, inerting, cell cultures, cryo-preservation, fermentation, cryogenic applications, lyophilization, inert packaging, wastewater treatment, VOCs emission control, etc.

Thanks to its extensive line of products aimed at the pharmaceutical industry, gas supply options, equipment, facilities, sampling and gas monitoring services and its excellent distribution network, NIPPON GASES is able to meet the needs of researchers, laboratory technicians, production and quality control managers in the Bio-Pharma Industry.

Along with high purity gases, NIPPON GASES provides specialized and reliable services aimed at optimizing processes and reducing costs in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological and Cosmetic Industries, with quality assurance, traceability and safety.